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We build modern homes for people with sophisticated, highly selective tastes.

We create exterior designs that stand out, yet still fit in. There is a constant visual interaction between any structure and its environment, regardless of whether that environment is an urban landscape or a more natural setting. The challenge for any builder who cares about aesthetics is to design a home that is distinctive and striking, but still looks like it belongs there. Our homes are not separate from their environment – they are part of it, and their designs reflect that.

We design interiors that bring the outside, inside. The interiors of our homes are at once dramatic and elegant, filled with natural light. Each space flows smoothly into the next, achieving balance and harmony throughout. The external environment becomes part of the interior living space, but in a way that never compromises the comfort of the home.

Simplicity and elegance are the defining traits of any home built by Modern Tampa Bay Homes, and our customers prize that.

People who live in our homes value originality and distinctiveness. They need to express their own personalized style. They know the difference between fads and trends, between quality and ephemera. And their standards are uncompromising.

Modern Tampa Bay Homes. Taste. Acquired.

Unique homes for unique people.

The Builder

Richard McGinniss is challenging Florida’s typical home building model. That’s why he is throwing the idea of building stucco houses with terracotta tiled roofs into the Gulf of Mexico.

Building well-designed homes for people with discerning taste is Richard’s passion, and he knew he had found his path as a young man when he was building luxury residential homes in the Boston area. His high-energy never-ending pursuit for design excellence takes him all over the world to study mid-century modern design and architecture. Because of his knowledge and experience, Richard has made an art of creating unique and sustainable homes while maximizing value for his clients.

He’s designed and built everything from a $800 million Research Camp to luxury hotels for clients like Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt, and Marriott. He’s also built corporate headquarters for some of the most recognized companies in America including IBM, Aetna, and Bristol-Myers, custom homes for clients like David Murdoch, and later in his career developed some of the largest residential neighborhoods in the Southeast. In 2013, Richard decided it was time to leave the corporate grind behind and do what he loved to do, and that is to build high-quality, unique modern homes for people with distinct and refined taste. Richard’s philosophy is straightforward, “I enjoy building kick-ass houses; it’s the best feeling in the world, building beautiful and unique homes for great people. That’s everything to me.”

His vast experience affords him a profound depth of knowledge in conceptualizing a home and as well as the financial discipline to build these unique masterpieces within budget. Richard is an urban pioneer, challenging the status quo with his architectural vision and creating livable works of arts for clients who recognize and appreciate great design. In the end, MTBH’s homeowners live in elegant, distinctive spaces where form and function meet to enhance the quality of their lives. Come find out why Richard McGinniss is the home builder for architects.

Richard is an active member of the Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA), a non-profit arts organization dedicated to creating a vibrant arts community within and around the Warehouse Arts District in St Petersburg, Fl.

He also serves on the Board of Directors of the ArtsXchange,  a project dedicated to developing below-market studio space for artists of all disciplines as well as providing arts education experiences to underserved populations, the neighborhood, and the city of St Pete as a whole.

General Contractor License CGC1519687
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